Common Legal Documents Requested from Aurelius

Our Permit Permit EPRFP3435RP V1

Our approval as a Battery exporter ABE BE1810483BE Approval 2018

Our approval as a Battery Processor ABTO BS1810486BS Approval 2018

Our scrap metal dealers License 180519 Scrap metal dealer license

Our Carrier & Brokerage License A5 WMP01 License Broker Carrier

Our Vehicle Operators License O-License OD2002915

Our Combined Insurance Policy can be provided on request

Other commonly requested information

Our QHSE Policy statement A5 WMP01 AE Policy v2

Our VAT Registration HMRC New VAT Certificate and notice

Our Account Details Account information letterhead

Our Market Brochure Aurelius Brochure

How to get here Aurelius Environmental – Map Address Location

Certificate of incorporation Certificate of Incorporation